If you are a real, human being, then this website is not for you. At least not directly. Here at, there’s no information, products or services for people like you to read, like, get or buy. There’s just this single web page to say what Digitals.Earth does, and why it does it.

Digitals.Earth is an online place that Pro Oxygen (aka Teem Earth) launched in 2021. It’s a storage hub for keeping and distributing digital tools and files around the world. It’s a place where other sites and devices come to get digital assets that lots of people need if we humankind is going to stabilize the atmosphere in time to save the planet.

Maybe you are here because you are wondering about the Digitals.Earth address in the code you have to embed a CO2.Earth web widget on your site. Or for some other reason or curiosity. There’s not much for a person to see here as the Digitals.Earth files are accessible from other internet places. Not from this landing page.

If you still have a question, curiosity or comment, reach out at or 1-514-400-4552.